In order to use Aina, please follow the following instructions:

1. Log in to Habits

2. Tap on Glucose

3. Tap on the pink icon - Test with Aina

4. Put 181 as the code in the space provided and confirm it. This screen will appear only the first time. 

5. Plug in the Aina device in the audio jack

6. Insert the test strip.

7. Prick your finger and wipe off the first drop of blood. Put the second drop of blood on the space enclosed between the two black strips. Make sure that the part between the two black strips is completely covered with blood.

8. The Aina device will then analyze blood and display the reading on your phone’s screen. Press Done.

9. A pop up will appear to choose between ‘Before meal’ reading or ‘Äfter meal’ reading. Select the appropriate option.

10. Another screen will open, informing you if your glucose is in range, below range or above range. It will also suggest you the possible causes and actions to take if your glucose values are above or below the normal range.

11. Press Home

You will now reach the Habits app with your glucose readings recorded.