Please follow the following steps while setting up the Aina device:

1. Download Habits+Aina from Playstore

2. Click on Sign up for free (If you are already a Habits user then continue from step 10)


3. Enter your details.

4. Enter the clinic referral ID shared with you and click on validate.

5. Enter your details and click on Next.

6. To be able to track the number of steps in the app, say yes to enable the pedometer.

7. Enable the Location to high accuracy mode.

8. Press back on your phone and click on start learning now.

9. Below screen will appear next.

10. Tap on Tracking and then on Glucose


11. Click on the icon – Test with Aina


12. Plug in the Aina device in the phone’s audio jack.


13. Insert test trip in the Aina device.


14. Wait for 2 seconds and the LED in the device will blink, the below screen will appear.


15. The final screen will show you the audio setup level. This number may not be same for every phone.

16. Press done and you will be directed to the below screen.


17. Click on Test with Aina

18. Confirm the strip code mentioned on the strip container


19. Proceed as usual.