1. Wipe the finger to be pricked with an alcohol swab or wash your hands with soap before performing a test.
  2. The prick should be made on the ring or the middle finger.
  3. Let the alcohol dry before pricking.
  4. Press the lancing device to the fingertip and prick, wipe away the first drop of blood with a cotton swab or clean cloth (never use alcohol swabs to wipe away the first drop).
  5. Gently squeeze the pricking site to obtain a second drop of blood. DO NOT squeeze excessively as it may lead to hemolysis and produce erroneous results.
  6.  Carefully apply the drop of blood to the white pad between the two black parts on the test strip and hold for 2 seconds, then withdraw it. Avoid touching the pad with your finger. The white pad should be completely covered with blood upon application of the correct amount of blood.