If they occur, appropriate warning and error messages will be clearly shown in plain language on the mobile

device screen. If an action is required, it will be clearly stated as well. If any of the on-screen instructions are

unclear, contact us at support@janacare.com.

Errors will require an action to be taken by the user. Warnings are recommendations that may require future


Here are a list of warnings/errors you may encounter:

  1. Configuration Setup Failure
  2. Invalid Code Error
  3. Temperature Warning/Error
  4. Operation Timed out
  5. Low Battery Warning/Error
  6. Strip Detection Error
  7. Low Volume Error
  8. No Internet Connection Warning
  9. Connection timed out
  10. Device Removed
  11. Device Malfunction
  12. Strip removed
  13. Unsupported Version Error
  14. Unsupported Device Model Error
  15. Unsupported OS Error